Your Price
£14 (US$22.80)


  • USD$10.00 call credit
  • Make calls: from 9c per minute local, 19c per minute international
  • Send/receive text messages: 9c per message
  • Unlimited calls and texts from $39
  • 1GB of data for $39
  • All-in-one standard, micro and nano SIM card that works with all devices
  • Calls to customer service and voicemail: free!

UK SIMple Calling Plus Service



Your Price
£15 (US$24.00)


  • GBP£6.00 call credit
  • Make Calls: from 5p/min within the UK
  • Prepaid Data: 15p/MB
  • Free to receive calls and texts in the UK
  • Superior coverage on the O2 network

International Data SIM



Your Price
£38 (US$58.80)


  • Included Data: 200MB or 1GB
  • Coverage in: over 50 countries
    (Including USA & much of Europe)
  • Expiry: 30 days from first use
  • Great for emails, streaming videos & more
  • Critical Information Summary

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